Since 1998 Means has been enriching lives through individual coaching services to a wide variety people from all walks of life.  Utilizing his unique PowerPlan System, including the Balanced Living Timeline and Business Results Manager, he has provided one-on-one coaching that produces extraordinary results for his clients. Clients find themselves inspired to action, on the path to living the life of their dreams, and achieving results in all areas of life:  Personal Goals, Career Goals, Balanced Living, Time Management,  Fulfillment, Personal Growth, Relationships, Health & Vitality, and Spirituality.  He provides Empowerment and Motivation, combined with a strong background in creative strategic planning,  to have people reach their goals and realize their dreams. 

              BUSINESS COACHING:

Since 1993 Means has been supporting organizations to fulfill on their vision and mission.  From the creative design of the mission and vision, to the organizational structure necessary to produce the results to fulfill on their goals, to the creation of marketing and sales initiatives, his unique blend of inspiration and rock-solid business expertise has his clients produce unprecedented results.   Through the PowerPlan System he brings a systematic approach to clients reaching their goals,  including a Results Manager system that provides for management of multiple projects and areas of the business.  He brings a vision of the big picture into manageable components, and ensures his clients produce the results required for the organization's success. 



Since 1997 Means has been designing, managing, and delivering powerful workshops, seminars, and training programs that delight and exceed the expectations of his clients. His unique style and broad background allows for the delivery of cutting edge topics in a safe, supportive environment that is effective for any size group.  His core program today is the Living Prosperity  series of webinars.  Other  workshops provide individuals with the opportunity and tools to create the career of their dreams,  Leadership Skills, Team Building, and Effective Communications. Bringing over twenty years experience to the table,  he has designed a wide range of workshop topics designed to increase the effectiveness of any individual, team or organization. 


                EVENT MANAGEMENT

For over fifteen years Means has been planning & executing events that not only fulfill on their intentions, but create a memorable experience for all involved.   He has managed logistics,  including venues, provider relationships, and the production of all related materials and supplies.  He is the focal point for creating an environment that fulfills on the intention of the event, and has worked with  groups of up to 600 people, including presentations, meals, and entertainment.   He is effective as the liaison to individuals and organizations, including managing relationships with clients, hotels and event facilities, and in being accountable for the relationship with and between key people-  team leaders/members to ensure smooth and effective delivery.



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