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Business Success &  Personal Empowerment

"Thank you for the opportunity to be my self expression in the the world!"  WL

"It's been one miracle after another - I'm in Awe of how great my life is"   LC

"I  just have to acknowledge you for the impact you've had in changing my life.  An incredible resource;  you've given me the confidence to take my business from a start up idea to a business that is producing an income..."   DVM

"I Really do love life and never been happier or more at peace - even with all the stress and uncertainty around..."    TJ

"You're my miracle!  It's made such a difference that I was up until 4:30 this morning- I can't wait to be in action!"    WL

"This morning, the dream finally felt real.   And look how FAST this is all happening for me!"  LC

"  I just got word I will receive the first check for $14k today!!!! Miraculous! Money really does show up when people hire you!"   TD

"My promise [for the world]  has taken off exponentially since you  became my coach.  You are unreal and "off the chain"!   Only time will tell of all of the possibilities that are in store!"   NC

"Thank you for your wonderful acknowledgement of me!  I love having you in my life holding that space from a listening of power and fulfillment.  I will do my best to convey the sometimes ineffable extraordinary space that you bring not only to your business, but to all of life."  JC


"The structure we used - The PowerPlan - really worked - really amazing. very very effective;  working backwards and seeing all that really has to happen; Very powerful; Acknowledge - crisp clean and clear."    KG

"Thank you - for the first time I look into future and see it - limitless.  It used to be empty, nothing - and now it's limitless"     CH

"I'm real estate agent today!! Thanks to you-  I went through some scary, some exhilarating, times, but I went through what had to go through to get my license!  No way I could have done this with out you!"    CK

"This has been one of the best things I have ever done"   CH

I must say one of the things you mentioned in your seminar or something to the same effect is that 'no one can market you better than you' and I took that thought and ran with it; which is how I was able to come upon this new career. Thanks for the encouragement and push to look outside my previous "box"!!!   MJ

"It's been a year now, and I'm maneuvering in life like I never have before;  A lot of it comes from my experience with you- you've had a very deep influence in my life!  Notwithstanding any fear I continue to put myself out there. I do believe in your system.  I think I am particularly fond of the balanced living timeline. I am living my life every day on a higher level thanks to your system!"   CK

"Thank you for letting me dream again!"  LC

What My Clients Say...

"You wake up something in me...that calls forth the most powerful, brilliant, miraculous me!"     

Means Davis, V is one of the few leaders that I know I can completely count on to deliver the results he promises! So if you are wondering if you need a coach, or clear you need one, I encourage you to check out what Means offers!

"Means rocks the house with empowerment - so you'll be hearing more from him!"

"I want 2 thank u 4 all the support u have given me 2 get here. U will always b in my heart and I forever in your debt. I love who u r. And I love u. Thank u "

"Without you, I could not be who I am and I will forever love who you are in the world and for me.  Blessings."

"Can't believe I went down the list of goals and I've accomplished all of them, not in the 90 days of the Action Plan, but within 30 days!  People are commenting on how happy I am!"

"Here is to prosperity for you my friend
thank you for a fantastic 2008, most of what was on my dream board occurred in 2008, life is beautiful."

"You Are Magnificent!!!!  I Honor & Appreciate You and all that you've contributed to my life."

"I love and appreciate you for all you do for so many people.  You are an inspiration to me."

"I want to thank you for all the thoughts, ideas, inspirations you have fostered here.  I want to thank you for the time you devote to the expansion of others on the Monday calls. "

Oh, and some strictly business related results:

"During our Business Coaching, our revenues are up 30% - that's in less than three months when we've been steadily decreasing for over a year!"

*23 new business start-ups are still in business today

* 6 new seminar companies off the ground

* 11 new Non-Profits created

*Fortune 200 Company Executive workshop: 100% Excellent rating and recommendation for all employees to participate. 

Government Agency (Federal)  Seminar Workshop- 95% Excellent rating, 100% request for additional workshops and/or coaching services.

And, an all time favorite:

"I was featured on Oprah, and now I work with her!!"  FB